My Little Toaster: The Protogen Plushie! - VRChat 3.0 Furry Avatar (PC/Quest)

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Beep beep boop boop

My Little Toaster has hit the stores and it's all the rage!
Relive the days of youth and play with the protogen plushie like a lil' baby, or become the toy and wreak havoc at the local hardware store! Need more convincing? Check out the showcase video above in the gallery!

So, what are you waiting for? Pick up a My Little Toaster today!

Wanna try it out first? Go visit my avatar world here:

Please rate/review the avatar <3


Avatar ready to upload

Many different face gestures

Prop version ready to place on any avatar you want (attach to hand bone of your avatar in the hierarchy)

Heart glasses and spiky punk bracelets

Toy phone with cool epic toy phone ringing noise (sound not availble on Quest platform)

PC Only: Two sounds with pitch slider!
"Auugh" snore sound
"What duh hell"

Full-Body compatible
(change between arm-span and height-based tracking in-game in order to get better results with the arms)

4k Textures (Compressed by default)

GIMP/XCF Project File (in the PC unity package)

Model Info

Around 15k Polys
2 Materials
2 Skinned Meshes

Just Under 10k Polys
2 Materials
2 Skinned Meshes


VRChat Avatar SDK 3.0

Poiyomi Toon Shader

Unity Version 2022.3.22f1


You will not resell any assets whether modified or not.

You will not redistribute or share the assets with anyone that has not purchased the product.

You will not upload the avatar to someone's VRChat account unless they've purchased the product.

You will not redistribute the assets on any platform.

You may use the accessories on different models, but redistribution is still prohibited.

You may put it on avatar pedestals/make public cloneables, but please include some way of letting people know where they can purchase the avatar (put either in the description or title of the avatar or as a plane/quad in the head etc.)

I want this!

3.0 Avatar and Prop with 4k Textures, Accessories, Lots of Face Gestures, Well-Optimized

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My Little Toaster: The Protogen Plushie! - VRChat 3.0 Furry Avatar (PC/Quest)

11 ratings
I want this!